7th May
written by Blue

I have heard precisely nothing from anyone since that last post. The police came to see me to take a statement and asked me if I was prepared to give evidence in Court (to which I answered “damn right I am!”) and there was a bit of a rush for them to get it from me. And then silence.

I’d spoken to the insurance company to ask them about buying it back when it was recovered and a week or two later got a phone call from them asking me if I knew where the bike was as – apparently – the police hadn’t been in touch with them.

Since then? Not a thing!

27th March
written by Blue

Well, well, well.

This morning I received a phone call from the Met. Wilf has been found somewhere in Lincolnshire!

No news on its condition or anything and of course it now belongs to the insurance company but if it’s not been totalled, I may well see if I can buy it from them. It should be worth less as a stolen recovered vehicle anyway and of course it’s almost a year older, but it’s worth asking.

In the meantime, I’ve got an appointment for early next week to give a statement to the police to say that it certainly wasn’t being used or stored with my permission so they can (hopefully) prosecute the scrote that had it.

7th October
written by Blue

Just to bring everything up to date, whilst I was on holiday, eBike Insurance‘s loss adjusters wrote to me offering a settlement of £3,500. I decided to mull this over whilst I was away again, but on my return I found a cheque from them for that sum in full and final settlement.

This amounted to quite a substantial loss to me but when I went through the policy and the small print, I realised they were actually being fair. I’d stated the value of the bike as £4,000 – eBay adverts the week of the theft showed that was under-stated – and whilst I was aware there was a £250 theft excess, I’d ignored/overlooked the clause that says if the bike isn’t garaged at the time in a locked garage, the excess rises by £250.

So quite a loss to me, but I can’t fault them for the speed with which they settled my claim. Recommended.

14th August
written by Blue

Two items of news concerning Wilf:

  1. The insurance company has declared it a total loss which means they’ve decided to pay up. The argument now will be over a valuation, but I can back up the value of the bike by a PDF print of the MCN used bikes of that model for sale earlier this week that were all well over £4,000. We shall see.
  2. Talking of total losses, the Metropolitan Police have written to me to say that due to the lack of evidence they’ve dropped the investigation. Hmm. I wonder if the lack of evidence is as a result of the lack of any investigation? They decided not to send SOCOs to fingerprint anything and they didn’t send any officers to talk to the neighbours. Too much like hard work, I suppose…
5th August
written by Blue

I’ve just got in after almost a fortnight away and decided to check the garage before heading off to bed.

The Gixxer has gone: stolen. The remnants of the padlock which had been bolt-cropped are still there but the thieving bastards even took the Abus chain with them. The Met. Police have been telephoned and should be in touch within the 24-48 hours to process it. I mentioned the lock and that they might be able to do something with the bits but the operator was non-committal… I doubt they’ll even bother interviewing the neighbours, even though one is almost always there. It has been alpha-dotted and marked with SmartWater, so who knows? Maybe I’ll get lucky and get it back.

So if you’re offered a low-mileage, immaculate 2004 Suzuki GSX-R750K4 engine number R741-100646 VIN/frame number JS1B3111200100375 it’s mine!

22nd May
written by Blue

One of the adverts over on the right of this site from time to time is for H&R Insurance, peddling their bike insurance online using Google Ads.

In order to get a quote, you have to agree, amongst other things, that:

“5. The motorbike has not been modified in any way.

6. There are no accessories fitted to the bike.”

That must mean they insure very few bikes…

3rd May
written by Blue

One little side-effect that was a tad unpalatable was the effect buying Wilf has had on my insurance premium. I renewed by insurance for the Kawasaki ZRX1200R fully comprehensive for £133.32 – I’m 47 and have been riding for 30 years with no accidents and just three points on my licence at the moment. That was with eBike Insurance, who I’ve found to be cheapest for the last couple of years and who aren’t overly concerned about modifications, providing you list them.

So adding Wilf to the policy and making sure that I was showing that both bikes will be staying down here in London from time to time over the summer, the additional premium was a whopping £474.12! Eek!

I’ve also spent another hundred quid or more on another Abus chain and a ground anchor in addition to the Meta alarm on Wilf who is also marked with SmartWater. Click that link for more details of what that is. Surprisingly, adding the chain and anchor would have done nothing to decrease the premium but had a theft occurred whilst they were not in use, the excess would have increased, so I have not added them to the policy on the basis that the insurers don’t want me to use them and it’s my choice if I do or don’t.

We’re all safe and legal now and ready to pick Wilf up later this morning…