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7th October
written by Blue

Just to bring everything up to date, whilst I was on holiday, eBike Insurance‘s loss adjusters wrote to me offering a settlement of £3,500. I decided to mull this over whilst I was away again, but on my return I found a cheque from them for that sum in full and final settlement.

This amounted to quite a substantial loss to me but when I went through the policy and the small print, I realised they were actually being fair. I’d stated the value of the bike as £4,000 – eBay adverts the week of the theft showed that was under-stated – and whilst I was aware there was a £250 theft excess, I’d ignored/overlooked the clause that says if the bike isn’t garaged at the time in a locked garage, the excess rises by £250.

So quite a loss to me, but I can’t fault them for the speed with which they settled my claim. Recommended.